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The chalky bedrocks of Kent cause our water supplies to contain large volumes of suspended particles. This hard water is safe to drink, but is harmful to catering equipment.

Hot drinks made with hard water will often have an unsightly surface film. Detergents will be less effective so your dishwasher and glasswasher will not produce good results, and will require higher doses of chemicals. Ice machines will not produce clear ice, and a black sludge will build up in the storage compartments.

The build-up of limescale can have disastrous effects on equipment such as dishwashers. It will block jets and prevent rotation of the cleaning arms. In extreme cases the blockages will cause pipes to burst, and the resulting flood to damage electrical components beyond repair. Similar damage can occur to coffee machines and steam combi-ovens.

These effects can occur within a short space of time unless the equipment is properly protected against hard water.

We offer several solutions to this problem, including carbon filtering, ion-exchange water softeners, static calcium treatment units, and reverse osmosis equipment. Please contact us to find out which is correct for your purposes.

An interesting overview of Kent's geology can be found here.

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