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We use this term to describe a stainless steel counter for use either for hot service in a canteen-style environment, or as a 'pass' between the cooking team and waiting staff.

The servery usually comprises a hot cupboard which can be fitted with a wet or dry bain marie top, and will often be seen with a single or double tier heated gantry to ensure the food is served to the customer at the correct temperature.

Numerous accessories are available, such as tray slides, sneeze screens and wheels.

Optional spiked meat pads make this a perfect Sunday roast carvery.

Many of our larger serveries are custom-made to suit the premises, however a number of proprietary models like the one shown are available from manufacturers such as Victor and Lincat.

We also supply drop-in units for installation into shopfitted counters. These are available in various configurations and styles.

We can supply much more than is shown on our website. Please call us if you can't see what you are looking for.

Specifications and prices:

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