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Espresso / cappuccino machines...

The semi-automatic machine, like the British-made Fracino illustrated, is the most popular of many configurations. Semi-automatic means you push a button and hold it until the cup is full. Fully automatic machines dispense metered doses, while the classic manual type has a large lever you pull, rather like a real ale pump.

There is much other coffee-making equipment on the market, including the increasingly popular bean-to-cup machines. Be warned though, there are cowboy firms in the market place looking to catch you with prohibitive non-maintenance leases.

If considering leasing we would advise always to ensure that maintenance is included in any lease or rental on these fiendishly complex machines. And then make sure that the company you choose will actually honour their maintenance obligations.

Leasing and rental can be helpful if you are starting out and finances are tight, though we find many established customers prefer to own their espresso machine outright. Needless to say, we offer very good discounts on all top makes.

Beverage equipment in hard water areas such as ours should always be fitted with calcium treatment units to prevent the formation of damaging limescale.

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