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Chiller and freezer cabinets...

Refrigerated storage cabinets, commonly known as fridges and freezers, come in a number of guises.

Sizes range from undercounter models, typically of 5 cubic feet capacity, up to double door models with capacities of 50 cubic feet or more. Some manufacturers even offer triple door cabinets, although when you get up to that size a purpose-built cold room will often make more sense.

Capacities are often quoted in cubic feet because the industry grew up in the USA and they have yet to join the modern world. These days much of the equipment is made in Europe and China, and more often capacities are quoted in litres (1 cubic foot = 28.32 litres).

Note that chiller and freezer cabinets are designed for the storage of pre-chilled and pre-frozen food not for cooling food from high temperatures: for that you need a blast chiller.

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